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Ongoing projects:

Drug development. Using phage display, NMR and molecular targets identified by our group, the aim of this project is to develop novel therapeutic options for patients with angiogenesis dependent diseases, such as retinopathy and cancer.

Pathological angiogenesis genomics. This project uses differential gene expression analysis of physiological and pathological retinas. Our goal is to understand the contribution of differentially expressed genes in eye diseases.

Chagas disease. The 85-kDa  family of glycoproteins expressed by the flagellate parasite Trypanosoma cruzi is important for cell infection. Our group has mapped potential binding sites present in all 85-kDa proteins. The goal of this project is to unveil the molecular mechanisms for the interaction of these proteins with the host cell during infection.

Brain vascular map. The brain is the main organ in the central nervous system, responsible for the interaction of animals with the environment, as wells as, control of motor and sensory functions. The goal of this study is to unveil new molecular markers present in the vasculature of this organ and to understand the contribution of blood vessels to brain higher functions.

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